Your Little Supporters Club Ain't Sh*t

There was a time, the early part of the 2000's to be precise, when Vice Magazine was the guide to my snotty little downtown existence. It had the best reviews of the worst music, highfalutin articles about Appalachia & Indian reservations, the Dos & Don'ts and artsy flesh-filled photos that would make you hesitate to read it on the subway. And it was free, natch.

Anyway they've been pushing out a couple of soccer-specific videos as of late via VBS.TV and the newest one is the best. It's about the Corinthians supporters group in Brazil, their racktastic "Miss Fiel" and their all-encompassing dedication to their team. Dudes are no joke. They even show up to support the team at practice and have banner's large enough to cover the whole of Dick's Sporting Goods Park.

I don't know about y'all but I am now reminded on a personal level of how I've slipped as a supporter this year. I gotta get my sh*t together y'all.

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JL said...

Lovely. That'll be us in 100 years.