Yankspoitation: Is It a Real Thing or Something That's Just Made Up Like "Free Speech?"


While watching this clip of Jozy Altidore from the La Liga site I started wondering if people in other countries obsess over their national team players who live on the fringes of their club as mush as we do in America. I love me some Jozy, Gooch and Charlie Davis but let's be honest here, those guys get tons of ink and MB's dedicated to them for guys that ride pine more often than they run on the field.

Maybe it's just because they're American that they get all this attention; Lord knows I would never visit the La Liga site if there wasn't something about one of my people on there. It's probably all down to that most sinister scourge of the internet, page views, and we're just targeted in some sort of international "Yanksplotaition" plot designed to boost traffic. Like K.C.'s Sunil Chetri signing but to the tenth power. I'm not a big conspiracy guy I just have a hard time believing that, say, Andrew Boyens is getting mad write ups in New Zealand while being a forth stringer in New York.

Somebody tell me, am I way off here?


Anonymous said...

They're the best we've got - stars or not - so we talk about them. One day, we'll have so many top players playing all over the globe that it won't be so focused on a couple of players (Dempsey, Gooch, Jozy). Our US roster is so thin that any dip in form or accident (Davies) has a huge affect on the national team.

Anonymous said...

what anonymous said.

mike said...

is this an american website?

there is a picture of jozy at the top of the page amongst forlan, ronaldo, messi, and even a poll refering to "Altidore's Villarreal"

Mark said...

dude lay off i mean he scored today (against a 3rd division side)! lolz. finally someone recognizes this kid just doesn't score goals. sure he hustles and does all the little things (sometimes) or all the OTHER trite things you could say about a striker that doesn't score. but bottom line strikers (good ones) score goals even if they are just guts and hustle ie brian mcbride. chicharito is puttin this dude to shame.

Anonymous said...

Nike and Adidas gotta sell sneakers man.

Kevin said...

"Maybe it's just because they're American that they get all this attention.

Ya think?

As was said above, they're the best we've got. Of course we follow they're exploits.

Kevin said...

I meant "their." Doh!