VICE Visits The Church of Maradona

For years I've had this idea in my head for a "Welcome to the Church of MLS" campaign. There would be a TV promo with a wild, Pentecostal-esque service going on with a supporters group for a choir, The Don seated in a bishops throne, stained glass windows with Brian McBride, Ariel Graziani & Cobi Jones on them and maybe even Arsenio Hall reprising his preacher role to extol the virtues of a life of soccer piety. It'll never happen but I think it would be funny and visually arresting.

But to have a quasi-real church with a soccer player, let alone Diego Maradona, as your deity is just sorta creepy. I'd never crack on anyone's religion --how & who you worship is your business so long as you aren't sacrificing virgins and taking child brides-- but this is just one of the most nerdtastic things ever. Angentina, you have so much to answer for.


Alan said...

This seems like Argentina's equivalent of the World of Warcraft super nerd that lives in the basement.

Anonymous said...

talk about a false prophet...

what does communion consist of? Cheetos and Cocaine?

edgar said...

Very interesting indeed, and a fantastic job by Vice, as always.

But it would not be fair to single out Argentines for something that we, all human beings have in common, the urge to worship.

Is it absurd? Absolutely. But not any more so than the church of ________________ (fill the blank).

Great find SF!