Steve Nash to Produce Pele Documentary


Forgive me but I'm going to take a moment to pimp my own work from the day job. I know, I know. It's tacky and tiring to bring my work home with me but honestly how often do I do it? About as often as Mista scores in league play so c'mon, let some sh*t slide.

So what's so great that I have to bring it up here? Just a bit from a Q&A with Steve Nash. Dude's all about film-making right now and has a Pele documentary in the works with director Bill Guttenberg, who has apparently won an Oscar or two. This could be great if the man who once played Cpl. Luis Fernandez in Victory actually cooperates but that's a big if; the most famous of all Cosmos wasn't even in the definitive NASL documentary Once in a Lifetime because he wanted to get paid for the interview.

But if it happens, mark me down for an appearance on the red carpet at the premier because I'll be all over this like 50 cent on Chelsea Handler. What? You hadn't heard about that craziness yet? So amazingly random, right?!


coachie ballgames said...

Is that a fact about Pele wanting to catch that lucci for appearing on camera? He always struck me as being very charitable.

That is a str8 baller shirt in that picture.

edgar said...

What was that about 50 cent and Chelsea Handler???