"Since I Was in L.A. I Thought I'd Clean Up the Shop a Little Bit"

What's with the boom-mic guy? Dude's a total muppet but this is what you get when you hire the F.O.O.F.S.* Still though, as bad as he is with the stick I'd rather work with him than the woman who's working on Steve. Watch it until the end and you'll see what I mean.

*Fresh Out Of Film School. I went to film school and, oddly, the things I remember the most are all the stupid nicknames and lingo. That and that Rashoman is beyond over-rated; anyone that says they like that is just trying to make themselves look deep in an attempt to sleep with your art-damaged ass.


Geoffrey said...

Umm, was he having his nacho waxed?

Cindy said...

oh Steve Nash you so stoopit! love the guy!!

Alan said...

I like Rashoman. Not my favorite Kurosawa movie, but a good one.