A Random Ramble on D.C. and Baltimore


"I’m assuming that the [Baltimore] feasibility study won’t come out until after election day. We’ve had conversations in the District, and there’s a couple of developers helping us. Again, it was an election year so it wasn’t something that anybody wanted to be talking about front and center. I believe that the incoming mayor wants us to remain in D.C. We have to figure out how to do that in a way that makes sense. At the same time, there’s a real opportunity, I think, in Baltimore. We’re going to have to weigh the realities that we’re faced with."

-D.C. United President & CEO Kevin Payne to the Washington Examiner's Craig Stouffer

I'm not one to take jabs at fans of other teams about any potential move that may be on the horizon. I'll talk about your mayor and your momma but joking about your club being relocated just crosses the line; some things have to be sacred dammit.

For this reason I haven't messed with D.C. & their situation in the foster home that is RFK Stadium. But the more I read about this B-more feasibility study and the less I hear about any other options I'm really starting to feel like it only a matter of time before they relocate to the land of crab cakes and Natty Boh.

Now I'm not a United fan by any stretch but a move for them would be a real shame for the club and it's fans (and the league). Still, if they had to go somewhere Baltimore would probably be the least painful option. Like I said, I hope it doesn't happen but it beats moving to Orlando or someplace whack like that (sorry Aztex fans).


Anonymous said...

keep United in DC!!!

Anonymous said...

If they move United, the colors and history should stay in DC. Then in a few years, DC can get its own expansion team and create a DC derby. Baltimore is a great place but its not the same place. The area can support two teams with two real stadiums, with the traffic Baltimore may as well be Philly

Pitch Black said...

United is on a downward spiral. Team is suffering, fan base seems to be dwindling, and there is no stadium in sight for the DC area. If the team does move to baltimore it will be a sad day.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you. I hate DC for their unnecessary arrogance (winning titles when the whole league practically sucked), their bigheaded fans (in a crap stadium) and their knocks on other teams, especially NY/NJ (karma's a beotch) but I don't wish this relocation on my worst enemy. You're despised but always respected and keep United in DC!