NSR: Miami Horror "Holidays"

The only thing I like about summer is summer anthems, the kind of songs that radiate sunshine & good times. And maybe cooking out and the wife in a summer dress but other than that summer can eat it. I hate sitting next to smelly folks on the train and getting swamp crotch on the daily for no reason at all. Plus, all the good tv shows go off the air. In short, summer = suckage.

But it's almost summer in the southern hemisphere which is wear this bangin' slice of Aussie disco comes from. Maybe I'll just move down there with Danny Allsopp on his homecoming tour for a few months and perfect my "Melbourne Shuffle" while taking in all the summer jams that the country has to offer. But then again, I'd have to deal with swamp crotch...best pack some anti-Monkey Butt powder and get on with it.


Brian said...

Sounds like you need to get out of Jersey my friend and come to California

equus said...

Is that Dr. Zoidberg's son?