Last Night's Party: U.S.-Colombia

The prestigious TOR award for Most Liberal Use of the Word "Highlights" goes to....U.S. Soccer. You know you're my guys but just like me in a Speedo (photo withheld), last night was ugly all the way around. We've got a slew of talent at D-mid and....we've got a slew of talent at D-mid. Alex Lalas asked if we've really improved since '94 and he's now got me wondering the same thing...care to contemplate alongside me?


vik said...

If you're going to try something new, and have it not work out, better for that to happen in a friendly.

This could be a pro or a con, but Donovan adds so much stability to the offense; it's a different team with him out there. So nothing to be particularly worried about. Goodson and Parkhurst earned future callups against better opposition and Lichaj looks promising.

Dave from NEPA said...

We are a much improved team from '94 bunch, however we are consistently being overhyped by FIFA (in the World Rankings), by the media, and by others. This is true given the fact that our merits as a national squad are based on friendlies and CONCACAF contests which are more often than not just like friendlies.

That's not to suggest that we are inherently doomed by our locale, though. We are, as a nation, behind the footie curve, talent- and experience-wise. As the last poster stated, we're a completely different team with Lando in the mix.

How many of the teams (true WC contenders) that we've been consitently compared to lately can we say the same about with regard to one specific player?

There's honestly times I wish we'd fall in the rankings, if for no other reason but to sober everyone up. We're not miles away, but we've got work to do.

Derek said...

I agree with the previous posters.

We're all aware of the issues we're working against in the U.S. to bring football to the level we all hope to see it reach one day.

One of the most frustrating things when looking at the current player pool isn't a lack of talent, so much as it is a lack of diversity.

Donovan, Dempsey, Holden, Bradley, Feilhaber, Jones, Clark, Torres... we'd all agree these players are skilled and have something to offer the national team on the pitch... but ideally they make up... what, two positions? They're such similarly suited players that you can't play them all together, and certainly can't play them without putting some in positions they wouldn't play if we had other options.

I think it goes back to the argument that in America we've grown an entire generation of players who are cookie cutter versions of footballers. They're athletically gifted but where is the individual flavor? That's what allows a player to become a truly great forward, or winger, or whatever... instead we end up with a ton of good, but similar players who's all-around game screams "central midfield" and no where to play them all.

Anonymous said...

For me, the argument would mean more if the question wasn't coming from a member of the '94 team! I do agree that we need more talented players spread throughout the field instead of concentrated in two or three positions.

oyeoro said...

Actually, I would argue that 2002 was the world cup season we really exhibited a collect team of young bloods and european players; such as, Ernie stewart, Mcbride, Sena, Keller, Donovan, Reyna and yes, even Agoos. 2002 our best. I would argue we have fallen in creativy and performance.

Alan said...

We have not gotten any better than 94. Americans are decent at this game and nothing more.