"I Ride Around Cities in a Chariot, I Get Preferential Treatment at the Marriott."

"My teeth are bright and my hair is clean
I wear Paco Rabanne like I was Charlie Sheen."

If you haven't copped Mark Ronson & The Business International's Record Collection yet you simply must. Stylish, genre-breaking, international indie-pop at its finest...a record that makes me feel far more fashionable & worldly than I have in years. Also Rose Elinor Dougall, the lady on the left, is as sexy as she is talented; definitely the most sweatable woman on the planet right now who I am not legally bound to.

[UPDATE: If this song sounds familiar to you it may be because it is featured in FIFA 11]


Derek said...

The question being... FIFA 11?

SF said...

Is this on the soundtrack? I've so little time playing the new one that I haven't memorized the music yet.

Derek said...

Yessir. That's where I first heard it. I've gotten it stuck on repeat in my head several times already. Also happy to see some LCD Soundsystem made it in there as well. Almost cancels out the awful Linkin Park track.

Honestly, I was just disappointed the Tenpole Tudor song from the commercial isn't in there. I had to go on a giant YouTube adventure to figure out what it was. So catchy.

mosler said...

It doesn't seem to me that they can sing very well. I suppose one could look past that.