How To Win Friends and Impress Bloggers, Pt. 1


So from time-to-time I get emails from people I've never heard of representing blogs I have never read encouraging me to exchange links with them. There is never any explanation as to why I should, just that I should. These requests are often carried out in a very presumptuous manner that includes text, a link, html code and a reminder for me to "let them know when the link is up."

Folks, that is not how you get someone --or me at least-- to start reading or linking to your blog. How you do it is with humor, style & threats...with special emphasis threats. See the email I received today from the malignant little sh*ts (and I mean that in the nicest way possible) at The Third Kit for an example.

What's crackin SF? Hope all is well with ya. I know your First Team blogroll is precious real estate, but here's why we think you should add us to the squad:

1) if the blogosphere had a Social Service, the TK would be T.O.R.'s foster child.

2) if you don't, the Revs will beat RBNY tomorrow and we will smite JPA with a season ending toe jam.

3) you're on ours ;)

Won't be offended if you choose not too. Only the playoff fate of your beloved Taurine Toros depends on it.

PK and Big Sleezy

That is how you play the game people. Now go check out The Third Kit and the other blog/sites to the right. Not all are soccer-specific but all of them are perfect for high-minded low-lifes such as ourselves.


Jason Davis said...

Who ever heard of a 19-man first team?

Kidding. Quality addition.

Barrak said...

These guys suck.

Eric said...

My boys. That's how Bostonians negotiate.

Alan said...

You've linked them before. They're a good read.