Galaxy Continue Quest to Lock Down Pacific Rim

Can I just say that I'm super-stoked that the Gals are returning to Oceania again. I love the fact that for once there's actually an MLS team out there playing the role of off-season mercenary. I'm also down with them going to Australia for the second time following 2 trips to New Zealand, 2 trips to Hawaii and jaunts to Seoul, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Vancouver in the last few years. It's like they are trying to own the Pacific rim and I'm feeling that; nice to see some international brand ambition from an American club.

But to be honest my favorite thing is that these tours always give me something to blog about during the post-MLS dry spell; there's always a classic post or two that comes out of that.

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Anonymous said...

For some reason I think TFC will be in Turkey... I don't remember where I heard that though.