A Soccer Ball More Electric Than the Sounders Third Kit

This is really cool...a ball that harnesses its own kinetic energy and spits it out as electricity. Created four brilliant ladies straight outta Harvard University (Ivy League liberal elite, stand up! Woot, woot!) this ball could do amazing things in the third world. Things like providing the next generation of Drogba's with power for their FlipCams so that they may upload videos of themselves doing work on their local pitch so that they may get that much closer to doing work in a European stadium of note.

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Anonymous said...

Very cool, but like like most important inventions, no one in a "third world" will ever see this. It will be exploited, cost $500 per ball and only rich kids from the burbs will buy them to juice their IPODs. C'mon, who we kidding here? This is still America. When these ladies are approached by some billion dollar corporation with a fat check, I doubt they'll have any third world country in mind.