FIFA 11: Mobile Version Isn't Meh


So how's everyone feeling about FIFA 11 now that you've had a few weeks to mash its buttons? I'm OK with it but I think this is one of those off years that comes for the franchise every 3 or so years; my main issue is that through balls seem to be much less likely to find their target this time around. But maybe if EA Sports honcho Peter Moore's vision of a persistent, evolving FIFA franchise (as opposed to annual) comes to fruition I won't have to wait a year to see an improvement in this.

Conversely I could just play more and maybe get better at it. But being that I have little-to-no spare time as of late (I'm finding that being something bordering on a proper adult is quite time-consuming) I've actually played FIFA 11 on my iPhone more often than I have played it on the PS3. But the funny thing about that is for the first time ever I think I actually like the mobile version as much as the console version; usually the mobile FIFA seems completely extra and unnecessary but this year's seems like a much tighter affair, more of it's own game than a dumbed down port of the console. Worth copping if he have a lot of downtime on your hands.


Derek said...

All that space on the right... and Roy Miller in the box for some inexplicable reason. It's like watching a real RBNY match!

What!? Too mean?

SF said...

More like too true.

Anonymous said...

I just like the mobile versions because they're more affordable than the console versions. Plus, you can technically create your own soundtrack.

Look at me; I have the iPhone version of FWC2010, and I love it!

Anonymous said...

It looks like they went for a touch more realism in this years verion. Passes, touches, traps, and through balls go errant much more frequently now.

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