The Conor Casey Mixtape

Finally, all 40 of Conor Casey's franchise-record setting goals are available in one place for the first time! Order now and receive a free Headblade!


Brian said...

Aren't most of his goals what Eric Wynalda would call "stat padding" penalties?

Jude Ellery said...

I don't agree Brian, firstly, he;s gotta score the penalties (they're not as easy as they look), and secondly, players get nominated to take penalties because they're the best at it, so why shouldn't they boost their stats by being a good finished?

He looks like the classic number 9, big, good in the air and a great eye for goal. No sensational strikes in there, but he can leave that to his midfielders.

Who do you think is the best MLS player currently? Donovan? Is De Rosario still playing? Loved his free kick a few years ago.

Jude Ellery, Editor, www.footballfarrago.com

Jude Ellery said...

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