Being "Big in Philly" is the New "Big in Japan"

You can tell David Beckham has never played in Philly before. For the past 3 days it's been 2007 all over again with boatloads of old-school "BeckhamWatch" news coming out of southeast Pennsylvania. "David Beckham ate a $100 cheesesteak with lobster and truffle oil." "David Beckham is practicing at UPenn and taking pictures with coeds." "David Beckham was at the Phillies game, propelling Ray Halladay to only the second MLB post-season no hitter since the Eisenhower administration and sharing a bag of chips with Ryan Howard."

I love it. It's like he's still the biggest thing in soccer over there. And judging by the apparent joy on his face while answering the exact same questions he answered in every MLS city back in his early days with the Galaxy, he loves it to. Nothing like the sports equivalent of a Japanese arena tour to make you feel special again.

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Squard said...

You're not "Big in Philly" until Danny Bonaduce interviews you :P