According to CD9 Scar Tissue Is a Real Thing, Not Just a Red Hot Chilli Peppers Song


Since the World Cup there has been a noted absence of Charlie Davies progress reports on Twitter. I guess Bobby Blue Eyes was able to really reach him during their heart-to-heart back in May. Sh*t, if you asked the two of them I'd bet as least one of them ended the convo with "good talk."

But now that a few months have passed, CD9 is giving us the real talk on the injuries, the surgeries and the rehab in ESPN's Body Issue. There are also a few photos of the permanent reminders that the Oct. '09 accident left with him. The one of his ripped up, and not in the Chris Pontius way, abs is particularly poignant; dude's "treasure trail" is now rough enough to require four wheel drive.

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Brian said...

What's that rule again Charlie? Drive 125 to stay alive? Jesus. Talk about lack of maturity