Wizards To Grace MTV Airwaves Tonight. No, Seriously.

Y'all ever watch The Buried Life on MTV? It's the one where the four guys travel around with their bucket list and try to do everything on it while also doing all manner of charitable work in whatever area they happen to be in? Basically it's My Name is Earl meets Jackass but turned down to 7.

Anyway, the season premiere is tonight and the goal for the guys in this episode is to streak a stadium. Yes, it's been done to death but since they're going to try to streak a Wizards game I'll give them a pass and tune-in (10:30pm EST). Or if I forget or just can't be assed I'll just call someone at K.C. and ask if they pulled this off or not in a bid to redefine the whole "On Demand" concept.


Anonymous said...

Unrelated music question, SF:
New Mark Ronson album is the most summer of the year: True/False?

(Also it's awesome.)

SF said...

I have to confess that I'm slipping and have only listened to the singles so far. Thanks for the reminder that I need to listen to that and the new Kings of Leon.

Heather said...

i was there...you can't call it streaking if you're wearing a nude thong, now can you?

Chad said...

I was there also (and would agree with Heather)... but still, it was pretty funny to see. made for the best halftime entertainment this season!

Me Here said...

Agggh! We have all these beautiful new stadiums and MTV chooses to highlight the one that belongs to a baby baseball team.