U.S. U-20 Loaned to Celtic, Coronation as USMNT Striker of the Future Inevitable


Y'all ever heard of Gustavo Ruelas? Neither have I. Apparently he's a U.S. U-20 player from California who is under the employ of Santos Laguna. Or he was under their employ as he's now been picked up by Celtic on loan.

Good for him. Now, internet, let us begin the process of penciling him into the lineup for the Yanks in 2014; even though the vast majority of us haven't seen him play I'm sure we'll still say he's lock to make the plane to Brazil along with Charles Renken, Johnny Exantus and Badr Seyam. Do me proud internet, do me proud.


Thapeez said...

I was confused at first, but apparently he goes by Adrian, or at least did for the Milk Cup. Check the 3rd goal here:


Starts at about the 6 minute mark. I'd say he's got potential.

Mr. X said...
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Mr. X said...

He skipped playing high school ball to go into the Laguna system (he originally was drafted into the MLS when he was ~16). He's good, and this can only help our future USMNT as long as he opts for the US half of his citizenship.

Doug said...

If we're penciling him in for 2018, he won't be going to Brazil ;-).

Brian said...

Yeah his name is Gustavo Adrian Ruelas. He was going by Adrian at the Milk Cup. Played pretty well from what I heard

Anonymous said...

he was one of the better players at the Milk Cup. more polished than Omar Salgado (who some think will be the first pick in the 2011 SuperDraft and who has already signed with MLS and was bouncing between VAN and POR on "loan") in the two games i saw.

Anonymous said...

2018!?!?!?!? I want him 2014!!!!

HA Thanks for the info. Best of luck Gustavo (what a cool name)

Anonymous said...

I first heard about him hear with a few highlights


Anonymous said...

This kid was in the Chivas USA system for a year but was signed on by Santos when his family moved to Torreon, Caoahuila. He used to live in Fontana, former home of Maurice Edu.

He has skills, prefers to play for Mexico but the USMNT has a in thanks to Rongren.


Anonymous said...

Other names to watch for from this U-20 class for those that don't follow:
Moises Orozco (Classic #10)
Victor Garza (Winger)
Gale "Boss" Agbossoumonde (Center Back)

Three very special players.

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