"There is Not One Person in Soccer Right Now That Will Beat Me Running, Including Leonel Messi. "

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Yesterday at the day job, I said that with both His Ginger Majesty and Chad Ochocinco on Soccer Talk Live last night at least one of them would say something quote-worthy. So when Ochocino rattled of the headline of this post I made laser guns with my fingers and went "pew pew pow!" and immediately turned my attention to trying to arrange for him to run the 40 against Dane Richards, Marvell Wynne and Omar Cummings.

He also said that he wants to play soccer in 2011 and is now engaged in a hot & bothersome Twitter courtship with the Columbus Crew. Good luck to them because I think they're going to have to spit a lot of game for a glamorous guy who is "bros" with Ronaldinho & sends direct messages with Cristiano Ronaldo to pick C-Bus over Europe no matter how interested he is in a trial. Besides, D.C. United already has a discovery claim on him.


Anonymous said...

Lionel Messi

JL said...

The question is... Who has more stamina?