Taurine is a Hell of a Drug, FIFA 11 is a Hell of Game

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So I have been awake for over 36 hours now due to a combination of my inability to not think about heavy sh*t when I go to bed and a pair of post 9pm cans of Red Bull last night. I know I shouldn't drink those things so late but they were free and I was thirsty. That's what happens when you blag your way into the FIFA11 release party; there's always a price to pay for a night out in NYC.


Andrew said...

Gotta say, well done with the John Oates suggestion.

SF said...

Can't take credit for the Oates thing, my buddy Tim pointed it out and I just asked.

Dutka said...

I get the "inability to not think about heavy shit." That keeps me up till all hours. Sucks.