Scuttlebutt: Jay DeMerit to DeCanadian Espansion Team


So the word out of Canuckistan is that the Whitecaps are allegedly trying to woo Jay DeMerit north of the 49th parallel. Sounds cool other than the fact that it could leave Jay sitting around getting all doughy and sh*t until pre-season camp begins in Feb. On the surface it looks very similar to Philly's move of bringing Danny Califf back to his home continent for their inaugural MLS cruise. Hopefully Jay-D will be just a wee bit more gentle and less prone to collecting more cards than Topps warehouse.


Rene said...

I like the pinkie salute. I thought I was the only person who did that.

Eric said...

Hey, love the site, but even as a Sounders supporter, there isn't enough Vancouver coverage here. Hell, you'd think Seattle and Portland were the only sides of the rivalry. The canadian pieces of the cascadia cup/triangle of death/ 90th whateveryoucalled it will be just as exciting as the civil war down south.