R.I.P. Hatin' From Hollywood

It is with the sadness of 1000 Metro performances that I inform you that the always entertaining Hatin' From Hollywood is no more. It's a real shame because Jrodius' column was delightfully irreverent and vulgar in the best ways possible. Pour some out for him if you happen to be day-drinking at your computer right now.

Not only is it a loss for the soccersphere but also for my link list. Anyone have any suggestions? Need some new (not necessarily soccer-specific) reads so feel free to drop 'em in the comments.


KSund said...


"You suck at cooking. You fuck up rice. You think Cayenne is that fat bitch from around the way and Old Bay is the piece of shit that keeps calling the cops on you and your boys. "

Jord said...

The guys over A Football Report have been killing it lately. If you don't want to link to their main page, at least show their Cheeky Chip or Philosofooty pages some love. Nicky Butt also is an ever-entertaining, irreverent place to visit from time to time.

Besides that, Kickin' the Peanuts and my music blog, Escucharemos, [try to] do it right.

coachie ballgames said...

I gots to fish for a prop and bigg-up my own site,


S1DEW4YZ said...

I have just started my blog but it's mostly about fifa, madden, NY Red Bull and the Giants.


Danny Beerseed said...

How about the Free Beer Movement. The Movement that's building American soccer one beer at a time.

You may have heard about it before (or written an article about it!).


Thanks, if you do list us (you're on ours already.. enjoy the four or five hits from that!).