Ream for ROY. Count It.

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So now that Tim Ream is scoring and Danny Mwanga is injured, can we call the two-horse race that is the 2010 MLS Rookie of the Year for Timmy? I'm not saying he's perfect (the kid has made more than a few rookie mistakes and gotten burned for them) but playing every minute of every game in your first year is a feat. That's not to take anything away from Mwanga's productivity but if his team isn't playing in November it's pretty much a non-factor. Ream on the other hand has helped his club make a 180 degree turn from last season.

So informal, way-to-early, comments straw poll: Ream or Mwanga for ROY?


JL said...

Ream for ROY. He should also be a candidate for the USMNT

Anonymous said...


S1DEW4YZ said...

ream for roy and a callup to camp

Anonymous said...


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b00zeNYC said...

Relevant Tim Ream fo shizzle

Anonymous said...

maybe, but only cuz Opara has been injured.

BTW ur such a NY homer, we all know ur a fan but maybe if you spread the love a little more, then more people would read this.

Im a NY fan myself so i don't mind but others might

SF said...

Opara was in the mix for sure but yeah, injury derailed him.

I'm not a homer (that title is reserved for journalists). Just a fan but my assessment of Ream has nothing to do with my club affinities other than I have seen him play a little bit more than the other folks.

As for getting more people to read this that's not one of my ambitions. THIS IS A PERSONAL BLOG NOTHING MORE.

Mike said...

I'd still give it to Mwanga.

Mwanga has been scoring goals and busting out on a VERY BAD Phildaelphia team; Second only to Le Toux, who is having the season of his life.

Ream has helped his club make a 180-degree turn? Yea perhaps, this isn't meant as a slight to Ream, but it's very hard to ignore that Ream has a LITTLE more help around him than Mwanga and the rest of Philadelphia.

New York is winning as a team. Mwanga is excelling on a horrible team.

For the record, I'm a Fire fan.

Cindy said...

Ream's help around him consists of first Mike Petke, Danleigh Borman and Roy Miller then Carlos Mendes and Chris Albright. Otherwise he had Seth Stammler, Joel Lindpere helping out. Tim Ream hasn't had anyone fantastic helping him out from the jump, only recently has he had Rafa Marquez in there helping out.

i vote Ream though i think Mwanga is fantastic as well.

Anonymous said...

Still a lot of soccer left to be played, and Mwanga is NOT injured - his x-rays came back negative.

Ream, Mwanga, and Opara have all been fun to watch this year. Let's hope Opara gets healthy soon and Ream and Mwanga stay healthy.

Alan said...

Gotta give it to Tim Ream.