Photo of the Day: JPA & TiTi Hit the Other U.S. Open Thingy

Check out these two fabulous sons of bitches (and I mean that in the nicest way possible). Just chilling up in Queens on a Wednesday, rocking box seats at the U.S. Open like it's no big deal. I imagine when you're 2 of the few real, international sports icons in MLS it's actually not a big deal at all, it's just how you roll.

I guess Rafa couldn't make it, what with him captaining Mexico this week and whatnot. Shame that is because I bet he also wears sunglasses that cost more than I make in a week; for reals, those three would make one hell of a man-band.

The question is will the band be together for the 2011 season? Or will some New Edition type of sh*t go down and one day we'll look up and JPA will have been replaced by Johnny Gill? Oh the intrigue!

[UPDATE: Looks like JPA is wondering what the future holds as well.]

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Cindy said...

what up Queens? haha they look so hot!