NSR: Duck Sauce "Barbara Streisand"

Armand Van Helden is not only the world's foremost Ali G and Dwayne DeRosario impersonator but he is the Madonna of dance music. No one has managed to change with the times as often and as effectively as he has. When I was 18 I discoverd him through the dark tribalism of "Witch Docter" at The Loft in Boston. When I was 20 dude put out one of the all-time Lizard Lounge funk-house anthems, "Phunk Phenomena." Two years later it was the summery "Flowerz" that used to get everybody on the rooftop dancefloor at Club Clearview. And a few years later he was cutting up Gary Numan riffs on "Koochy" and getting all LES during the electroclash era with "NYC Beat." And I'm not even going to go into the demented hip-hop science of his AV-8 Breaks 12 inches.

I guess if you have been in the game so long you can pull off grabbing So Me to direct your video for your new group with A-Trak, Duck Sauce, and manage to wrangle ?love, Ezra out of Vampire Weekend, Kanye, DJ Premier vocorder dude from Chromeo and Pharrell. There's also Babs Streisand impersonator in it who may or may not have been born with a peen. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

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Michael said...

Ha! You really were a club kid in Big D. Lizard is still open, but Clearview (as well as most of Deep Ellum is long dead). Actually Ellum is so dead its actually on its way back.

ps. Good song.