NSR: Cee-Lo "No One's Gonna Love You"

I know everyone is all caught up in the anthemnic genius of "F*** You" right now but lemme just turn the clock back to July for a hot one second. That's when Cee-Lo dropped his alt-love, road movie video for his cover of Band of Horses' "No One's Gonna Love You." A lot of folks slept on it but I think it's high time we wake up.

BTW this is the NSFW version, the PG-13 version is here. Watch it if you aren't in a Brief Nudity Safe Zone.


Brian said...

That was pretty cool. It was a bit of a downer though

keahende said...

Yea, this song is 1 million two hundred and eighty three times better than Fuck You. That song absolutely blows. Just one of those way too overhyped songs that people like just cause they think they have to celebrate everything done by certain artists, i.e. Cee-Lo.

eLove - pdx said...

that guy was a loser anyway... fantastic video, thanks for sharing.