No Mo' Mo in Toronto


By now you have heard that many of the TFC faithful have gotten their wish and MoJo and Preki are out the door up in Ontario. I ain't gonna bad mouth Mo too much because A) loosing your job sucks, B) I'm trying to not write things that I wouldn't say to anyone's face and C) the combine is going to be much less fun this year without the presence of these two. No one in the league can pop champagne with the frequency & generosity of Mo Johnston; add him to Ft. Lauderdale and you've got a recipe for having the best time in the worst bar in America.

That's not to say he gets a total pass. Make no mistake, as an RBNY fan I've experienced the effects of MoJo on a team and it wasn't pretty but we got off easy compared to what the Cancukistani's have had to put up with. But right now, he's out of a job so I ain't gonna bring up old sh*t and instead imagine that, he and Preki are in the back of chauffeur driven town car right now enjoying a bottle of champers while on a bee line for Montreal (those guys are going to need a coach and a GM soon, right?).


Anonymous said...

I would not wish Mo on Montreal, and I'm a Montreal-hating TFC fan.

Here's Mo's style:

1) sign new players constantly
2) give up on players when they don't score in the short term
3) ship said players off to other teams where they succeed immediately in scoring goals (Buddle, Casey, Cuntingham)
4) overpay just about everybody you sign
5) keep a short roster because you can't afford to have a full roster cuz you're overpaying
6) hire a different coach every season
7) earn a bad reputation among players (see tweets from Rohan Ricketts + Alecko Eskandarian today... see Ali Gerba's tell all interview at www.thescore.ca

I would feel bad for any MLS team that gets him as GM in the future.

Brian said...

Preki to DC? We need a coach, badly... (although Olsen has been pulling out better performances from his players lately).

Brian said...

losing not loosing