Herc Gomez In Ambiguous Tumblr Photo Spread


Who loves fan-fiction? Twilight-ers and D&D geeks, that's who. I don't know if there is much in the way of soccer fan-fiction out there but why not take the time to create some now if no one's doing it already? And don't give me any "SF, that's not cool" BS; I read MLS blogs, I'm not too cool for anything but MISL.

So I found this random & ambiguous post on Tumblr. Details are scant but from what it looks like some surf guy ran into Herculez Gomez on a flight to Mexico, ended up crashing at his house and somewhere along they way they got pulled over by La Policia. What I think went down was that they met on the plane and the guy was all like "Dude, Bradley should have started you in South Africa. We would have won it all." And then Herc was like "You complete me, please come and live with me." But then some heavy sh*t went down with La Barbie and El Grande which resulted in a car chase and a narrow escape. Then the mystery dude went surfing only to never be seen again. Or until the sequel. I call it "Brokeback Mexico"; it's like Thelma & Louise meets Point Break with a hint of Goal II: Living the Dream sprinkled over the top.

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Nick Poleto said...

No one else left a comment, so I feel I needed to. I really enjoyed the story and genuinely laughed at the "You complete me, please come and live with me." line. Keep up the good work.