Henry Buys Multi-Million Dollar Ballerdome in Soho


Y'all want the real reason* TiTi isn't traveling to LA for the Beatdown in Tinseltown? Frenchy's gotta move. It seems dude has just splashed out on a $9m apartment in Soho so obviously this Saturday will be spent in a college sweatshirt & a baseball cap moving boxes up & down the stairs with the help of his bros. He bought beer and everything because it's kind of the done thing when you move. The MCL thing is just a smokescreen.

[Update: Recent RBNY converts the Wall Street Journal have more details: the price is actually in the neighborhood of $14m and the property features "4,500 square feet of outdoor space, including a bamboo grove in an interior courtyard".

P.S. Do you know why single men in New York buy ass castles in Soho? Direct access to models. That is all.

*If you think this is the real reason you are high on crack cocaine.

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Alan said...

If it isn't the real reason, it still is a good reason. :)

I love the term Ass Castle.