Fredy Montero Channels Eddie Johnson, Now Refering to Himself in the Third Person


Remember when the Grown-Ass Man started saying thing s like "What Eddie Johnson is not going to do is ______" and we were all like what? I mean dude had swag and all at the time but once you start talking about yourself in the third person it's only a matter of time before you're hanging out in Vegas with Spiedi at an event sponsored by AXE and Ed Hardy. The path to D-Bag City is that short.

So when Fabulous Fredy Montero says the following after last night's Open Cup win over Chivas USA, I hear alarm bells:

"Twelve goals, plus a few assists and that doesn't stop here. That's the beginning of what Fredy Montero can offer and the team can still offer a lot on the pitch."

Somebody, preferably Kasey Keller, needs to do an intervention on my dude quickly because EJ disease can only get worse. Seriously, it's up there with Exploding Head Syndrome (which, surprisingly is totally a real thing).


Anonymous said...

I have posted this link to Keller's blog:


I hope he has a chat with Montero.

Josh Turner said...

Dude, don't joke. I have Exploding Head Syndrome. It is freaky, and not cool.

SF said...

Noted. Will never bring it up again.