DeRo for Canadian of the Year


Two of the things I am going to do before the calendar year is up is to A) start a Canuckistani of the Year award and B) give it to Dwayne DeRosario at MLS Cup if it kills me. Why? Did you see his pair of damn-near identical set-piece bangers against Houston? The man is single-handedly keeping the suicide rate from skyrocketing in Southern Ontario and he should be commended for his work. Seriously, this kid is keeping TFC's post-season hopes alive damn-near on his own; if you see him out, buy his ass a Molsen's (and a properly-sized bicycle).


Cindy said...

and he's pretty too!

Anonymous said...

Hw looks faded

nonickjname said...

What the 'eff is a "Molsen"? that's like saying I'm buying 'Past Blue Ribbon' for McBride's retirement party.

In other news I'm a TFC season ticket holder and if you're actually coming to the MLS cup I'll buy you a beer for making this blog which is better than DeRo's bike (and has been for some time).