David Beckham Speaks About The Future

Just his future, not ours or the general future that we all have to look forward to. You know the one where you get all saggy, have less sex, cry more and try not to get killed in some post-apocalyptic version of America filled with Terminators and whatnot? He's not touching that one so don't get too excited.


Anonymous said...

MLS Miami.

ERic said...

That was probably the worst set of questions I've heard asked on a station supposedly dedicated to sports.


"How cool is it to be you?"



Every time I think soccer has finally broken through and I don't have to see any more of this crap, one of these comes along.

Jay said...

For fuck's sake. In the other clip from the same interview, the host actually claims that the game will be "a rematch of last year's MLS final". Goddamnit, ESPN.

Anonymous said...

even with terminator or zombies I don't plan on having less sex. Even if it means sleeping with terminators or zombies.