Coming to a Browser Near You: Dying Bravely

Have you seen these Dying Bravely videos that's been doing the rounds? They're incredible, some of the best bootleg USMNT clips I have ever seen. I know the word "epic" is as played out as Interpol right now but that really is the best descriptive for something as long, engrossing and emotionally charged as this; watching Mo Edu's disallowed goal again for the first time in months is still just as infuriating as it was in June...especially in 60fps slo-mo.

Anyway the chunk I've posted is part 2, which is the middle section of the story. To see the whole thing as one 11+minute-long test of your Youtube will, click here. Be warned though: there is a good chance this sh*t will trigger some wild-ass mood swings in a relatively short amount of time. Might be best to view this out of sight from co-workers lest you wish to look like the office crazy person.

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Anonymous said...

From now I will always read your comments before I just hit play. I just became that office crazy person you tried to warn me about.