Becks vs. The Hater, Round 3

I recently said that I've been trying not to write anything that I wouldn't say to someone's face and here's a great example of why that's a good move. You never know when your snide remark will be seen/heard by it's subject and when it is you better have the stones to back up it. Otherwise you come off all chickensh*t like this dude. Not a good look son.

And to be clear I'm not saying Becks should be out confronting every heckler he comes across --when you are a figure that is as polarizing as he is I guess it comes with the territory-- but I kind of respect that he doesn't just lie there and take it. You'd think that after his run-ins with fans in K.C. and L.A. last year people realize that he's not going to be a clay pigeon for them to take shots at.


Sean said...

I don't get the cowardice of the heckler. Here's my thinking:

1) if you really believe what you're taunting, then stay the course

2) you're capturing live video, and if Becks was to throw a punch in response to an insult/taunt - you just might retire early

Brian said...

Galaxy fans can be so fucking retarded at times. And I'm saying this as a Galaxy fan.

Rory said...

I've considered the possibility the "Galaxy Fan" was a plant. Those celeb mags will do it. The video was "broken" by News of the World.

borough boy said...

beckerballs = not a pussy

david beckbeckbeckerman heckler = octopusswah

supporting a club = backing the players

galaxy = will never be the cosmos

viva cosmos!


Anonymous said...

it was a plant, from TMZ.

Anonymous said...

The guy was from TMZ. he got a press pass and wore a galaxy shirt to look like a fan

Me Here said...

it was a plant, from TMZ.

The guy was from TMZ.

Huh? Where are you seeing this? And why would TMZ pay somebody to create an incident ... and let News of the World break the scoop?

By the way, sorry if I'm necroposting. The comment timestamps just say "3:39 p.m." and "9:27 p.m.," so I don't know what day they're from.