Becks & Diddy in Celeb Auction Bidding War

I have no idea how old/olde/auld this clip is but Jesus H. Christ can you imagine what Wayne Rooney and Diddy got up to on a night out in New York? Gun charges, women of ill repute, Cîroc snowcones...all kinds of sh*t man. They probably provided The Sun with a solid 3 weeks of headlines.

Also props to Beckham for selling the Jacob off of his wrist to Ashley Cole. You can't just part with a watch like that, especially one that your missus bought you, too easily. Unless you make David Beckham money that is.


Me Here said...

I have no idea how old/olde/auld this clip is ...

It sounded like Diddy was trying to pull off a Kanye/Taylor Swift joke when he got onstage with Becks. If so, that would make it sometime in the past year.

Me Here said...

Nope, I'm totally wrong. Looks like it was before the '06 World Cup.


Diddy was just foreshadowing!

Anonymous said...

The fact that James Brown was the entertainment means its been a minute since this happened.