3 Minutes with The Don

The Don is on a west coast swing right now, stopping off in Portland for a few days of speeches, meetings, interviews and a stadium groundbreaking. Yesterday he sat down (or more like stood in the street) with KATU's Katy "Doo Doo" Brown to talk all things MLS and Portland expansion.

For me there are two things that stand out in this clip. The first is that the commish gives Portland it's due and points out that the Timbers draw better than some of the league's existent franchises. The other is that the powers that be have somehow managed to sell 3 teams to the total tune of $100m during a recession. I'm not a rich guy so that last point just sounds cotdamn impressive to me; I can't even sell my house right now and it cost far less than what Kasey Keller makes in a year.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mr. Garber South Florida wants a MLS team.

Anonymous said...

No one cares.

(no one cares in Florida, I mean). If you can't draw at your other major league sports, how could you draw fans to MLS?

You can't.

MLS has every geographical and financial reason to bring a team back to Florida. That they haven't speaks volumes.

Rory said...

The question that led to Garber assuring the reporter that the financials are sound is the undercurrent of naysayers in Portland who believe that the MLS will fold in 3-5 years. This is the crowd that has seen women's basketball, NASL, USFL, indoor soccer, indoor lacrosse, indoor football [notice the trend] come and go in the last 4 decades. The masses still need to be educated.

Nice to see his comment that there are nearly 10k season ticket holders sold. The post-PGE Park will be rocking.