Video: Young Jozy Scores for Villareal

While we all sit around and wait to see if Jozy is actually going to end up at Besiktas, Jozy is back with Villareal scoring against Besiktas. Nice goal but I still hope he doesn't end up in Turkey; maybe I'm a selfish fan but it's always such a disappointment when Americans get outsourced to the non-U.S. TV deal leagues. I actually like to be able to watch my USMNT dudes play club ball from time to time.


Clayton John said...

SF i totally agree dude

- clayton

Mark said...

gtfo! he DOES know how to score. south africa made me lose hope. and yes i know jozy "created" goals through his "excellent" hold up play and effort by drawing fouls, but really great strikers find ways to score goals.