Video: Jozy Speaks To "Young Hollywood"

How is Young Hollywood a show? Shouldn't it be a the name of a rapper from New Orleans? Someone who still rocks grills and has some loose affiliation with Master P & Birdman despite the fact that those two are old enough to have drank Cisco with their mom back in the day. Someone who Kanye will give a verse to on his upcoming record just so he can make an attempt at still being seen as "street." Someone whose songs the overly-quaffed DJ in the gifting suite* plays so he can attempt to be seen as "street." That's who Young Hollywood should be.

*Why is there a DJ in the gifting suite? As a DJ you love these gigs because you get more cake than Carlo but to be honest it's so unnecessary. Like anyone needs a soundtrack to talk them into leaving with a bag full free stuff.

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