Should I Join Cobi Jones' Wine Club?

Should I join Cobi Jones' wine club? I'm thinking about it because A) I know precious little about wine other than it tastes great, B) to say that Cobi Jones selected the wine is a conversation starter and C) it is quite possibly the bourgiest soccer-related thing on the interwebs, today. And as some of you may well know, I'm a bourgie bastard on occasion.

And as you may have learned on Soccer Talk Live this week, MLS' original dread has a restaurant opening soon in Santa Barbara. It's called Arch Rock Fish. You should go there if you aren't too drunk on mail order wine to drive there safely.


Alan said...

Cobi Jones lives in the Baldwin Hills!

Anonymous said...

I think I speak on behalf of all your fans SF, when I say sorry to hear about your brother man and you take as long as you need away from posting

California Wine Club Coupon said...

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