Ronaldinho Is The New Puffy


Look at this picture and tell me you are happy that Ronaldinho didn't end up in LA. If he's rocking MC Hammer's old sunglasses with an Ed Hardy tank while accompanied by hairy-chested Eurotrash with "Thug Life" tattoos while he's in Montenegro, just imagine the unparalleled feats of full-on gaucheness this dude would get up to in LA. $5 and a case of bacon-flavored Diet Coke says that he'd be photographed getting out of a white Humvee limo outside of Hyde with The Situation, a Kardashian and an heir to a Greek shipping empire before the playoffs hit.

H/T to GoalyMoaly who have kinda been killing it lately.

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Red Menace said...

Dude sorta looks like Ice-T in New Jack City with that hat.