On Depeche Mode and Clint Mathis

Just watched this Clint Mathis video and I'm feeling all nostalgic and whatnot for days gone by. This song goes back with me a little further than Cleetus but it's just a classic for me. If you grew up being miserable and wearing black in Texas, SoCal, Long Island or Germany in the 90's you loved this band...until this song came out and then all the kids that wanted to kick your ass on Monday were suddenly down with your favorite band on Friday night at the local teen club. The same thing happened in high school with Nirvana; yet another reason that high school was worse than Goal III.

Anyway I'm feeling it now that the backlash has been over for about 15 years. And with no games on tonight and the wife out of town I think I may do just this tonight...enjoy the silence. Or not. I always say I'm just going to read and go to bed or some sh*t and then I end up drinking beer while playing Bad Company 2 before finding myself on the computer and stuck in the Wikipedia hole until after midnight (and cursing myself for not going the hell to sleep).

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