Oft-Dreadful TBS Comedy Tackles The Futbol-Football Divide

Y'all gonna hate me for this (if you don't already) but I'm gonna make you watch a TBS comedy. It's the one where the antiquated, sometimes clueless Dad from Everybody Hates Chris plays the antiquated, sometimes clueless Dad for some other family and tries to convert his precocious, soccer-loving son into a gridiron fan.

I like the kid in this, he's got some good pushback for his old man ("I know a lot of soccer players who could easily play football. I don't know any football players who can play soccer"), co-signs on the fact that Hope Solo is indeed hot and he's knows that futbol is the real football. From the mouths of babes people.


adikus said...

hope solo?? not to hate on womens soccer but you dont hear a lot of kids getting autographs of lisa leslie

Anonymous said...

that was some painfully bad writing/acting; still nice to have a soccer shoutout.

Francois said...

Yeah..I know how you feel little man.