NSR: File Under "Unnecessary"

Is it necessary for a new fragrance to have a commercial promoting it? Possibly. Does said commercial need to star Evan Rachel Wood, be filmed in 3D and have a cotdamn trailer? Hell no. How the hell you gonna have a promo for what is essentially a promo? Blur said it best y'all, "modern life is rubbish."

That said there is one thing that I'm down for regarding Gucci's new campaign: Friendly Fires covering Depeche Mode's Regan-era, S&M discotheque anthem "Strangelove" for the soundtrack. Nothing like a trans-generational new wave circle jerk to make me pay attention to a ladies perfume advert. (shakes fist) Damn you Gucci, I fell for it.

STRANGELOVE by Gucci Guilty

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