Not-Wayne-Rooney on Trial in Seattle


True story. This morning I said to a woman who sits near me in the office "did you hear that one of Wayne Rooney's brothers is on trial in Seattle?" She gives me an incredulous look and says "Really? What did he do?" She thought he was "on trial" like I'm-going-to-jail "on trial." If it was Graham Rooney I could see it, because that kid's a little heathen but we're talking about John here.

But yes, one of Wayne Rooney's kid brothers is on trial with MLS in Seattle. It's somewhat cool -in a pop cultural way- that a sibling of one of the most recognizable names in world football might play stateside but I think if he does end up here he's got to make it interesting.

For starters he could maybe change his name from John to Blaine so he could be called Blaine Rooney. Then he should fashion himself into the opposite personality of his famous brother; he could be all classy and whatnot, maybe even a little snobbish & preppy to the point where he could actually rock Burberry without looking like a total chav. It would be kinda WWE but it could be kind of fun...much more fun than him just being the English League Two version of Jeff Curtin.


Joshua said...

I vote for Lil' Wayne Rooney.

James said...

Take it one further... change his name to 'Rayne Wooney' and grow a mirror universe goatee.

keahende said...


Alan said...

WOW! Now if that ain't some Billy Carter/Jimmy Carter shizznit, I don't know what is!!!

Host Pay Per Head said...

I think that he is getting a lot press and it can help him to know some great names.