New FIFA 11 Trailer

It's that time of year people. EA Sports is on the cusp of releasing their latest couch potato-classic, FIFA 11, and are dropping trailers like D.C. United drops road points. Touting the usual new & improved features and upgraded graphics it has the potential to once again win the prestigious TOR Award for Quickest Route to Divorce Court in Under $60. And with an October release date, I'd suggest trading in your copies of FIFA 10 now while you can still get a smidgen of value out of it; once the new one drops, the old one is worth about as much as an autographed Juan Pietravallo jersey.


Brian said...

Yup. Just traded in my FIFA 10 yesterday. Got $20 for it. If you wait til October it will be worth about $2

Mingo said...

I'll be picking up FIFA'11 for the PS3, and getting that "Songs of Outlaws & Infantrymen" CD. It's full of US national team chants, and I think it'll be perfect for the game.

Great to have you back SF.

Anonymous said...

Low-blow on the DC United comment, SF. Inaccurate, too - you should've said "like DC United drops points," full stop.

God we're terrible this year.

ambrown said...

Do I really have to wait until FIFA 12 to play with the Timbers and Whitecaps?