Dynamo Fans Will Not Aid & Abet You, Pitch Invaders

What do you do after you rush the field to get a hug from Thierry Henry but are fast enough to outrun the super-sized stadium security? You run for the stands...then get bounced with prejudice by the Dynamo faithful.

So while I don't endorse the physical restraint of another fan (nor do I endorse or condone the invading of pitches) it must be said that the over-the-rail toss that the Dynamo fan threw down was pretty impressive; surely there is a place for this guy in the WWE.


Anonymous said...

what a b*tch, let the pitch invader go. i dont condone that either, but thats not Dalglish's job, i hope that kid got hurt and sue's him

Anonymous said...

pitch invaders are not good for soccer - they threaten player's safty and they sabotage the game.

I'm 100% on that Dalglish (wannabe) guy - toss that bitch back. He wants to look like a fool, make him one.

Dutka said...

That was the 2nd pitch invader. Actually the first was a pair of guys. This last guy tried to take advantage of security running after the first two guys.

Anonymous said...

he probably opened himself up for a lawsuit if the guy he tossed got hurt. let security handle it, that's what they are there for. they would've got him in the stands anyway

Alan said...

That was pretty funny.

And since it's Texas, he did the Christian thing.