Captain Caveman to Coach United


So y'all know how I feel about Ben Olsen. As a MetroBulls supporter it is hard to feel anything but scorn for a man who killed us on so many occasions. But as a supporter I do respect what a player like him means to the fans. Anytime you have a guy that quite literally gives the oh-so-trite & chliche 110% every time he steps on to the field you have to worship him with out-sized tifo shrines like the one pictured above and refer to him as a "legend" as often as possible. And in our current climate of mercenary football, where playing for the badge really means little if there is a more lucrative option out there, his status as a United lifer is notable and commendable.

So I'll give it up to Captain Caveman for his appointment as interim honcho down in D.C. If I were a member of Barra Brava or the Screaming Eagles I would be as happy as a LiLo at a sleepover at Pablo Escobar's place; it would be equivalent to Juan Carlos Osorio being replaced with John Wolyniec.

But since I am a member of the ESC....boooo to you Olsen. I respect you but I can't like you; I'm sorry but you can't drop a hat-trick on us and a get love. I'm sure you can respect that.

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