Can a Less Than 90 Second FC Dallas Video Be Epic?

What do you get when you marry tastefully shot footage of FC Dallas, Real Salt Lake, a dancing cow, undulating cheerleaders, The Inferno in all its most slow motion-enabled glory and the tightest of empty space-reducing camera angles? This video right here.

It kind of has that epic feel about it but then again it's only 1:21 in length. Does this qualify as "epic" by today's standards or is there a length requirement? Is the emotion enough or does it really need to be as long as a Kevin Costner film or that tripped out, super-screwed but not chopped Justin Beiber thing that's doing the rounds? Is this is the most important question of our generation? And is this the most insipid post in the history of insipid TOR posts? The world may never know.


Anonymous said...

Can a 90 second video be epic?

No. Not when half the games look like they are being played behind closed doors. Dalls, show up to some games for cryin out loud!

edgar said...

This qualifies as epic, as least in my book. Kudos to You+media for great video.

Anonymous said...

Ummmmm - too many empty red seats...and...wait...for...it...cheerleaders...for...soccer?

Thanks Clark...you...are...a...chip...off...your...dad's...block!!!