Alexi Lalas and the NPRification of MLS

I realize that with a headline like that you might expect some overwrought 2,000-word treatise relating to sportscasting, recessive genes, people who shop exclusively at Whole Foods, soft-talking and how they all intertwine in some soccer-specific manner. But then again if you read this blog with any regularity you realize that this isn't really the place for grand exposition.

So basically all we have here is His Ginger Majesty live from the land of Schwetty Balls. To me the fact that Morning Edition is discussing Thierry Henry and Mike & Mike still aren't just exemplifies (to me at least) why TiTi is the perfect player for New York; a skillful, cosmopolitan, tri-lingual superstar with the right pedigree that so effortlessly cool that even NPR and New York Magazine (who wrote 4 pieces about him the week he arrived) can't resist their innate erudite urges to ignore him, RBNY and MLS. I love it. If only we can get him into the "Dos & Dont's" section of Vice Magazine then we'd really be on our way to having the city on lock. BTsao, make it happen!

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