Alecko Eskandarian & Kim Kardashian in Aremenian Blind Date Bust Shocker

Can y'all believe that Alecko Eskandarian's blind date with Kim Kardashian didn't pan out? I, for one, am gutted but I don't feel bad for Esky one bit.

I once interviewed Kimbo in the TRL green room and (hand-over-heart) it took a full 8 hours to wipe the sh*t-eating grin off of my face from just sitting next to her for 5 minutes on a couch; if I would've had the chance to break bread with her* I'd still be walking around looking like The Joker...all smiles, all the time.

But anywho it didn't work out and our Alecko is still (as far as I know) on the block, ladies. As for the next MLS-related reality show appearance the smart money is on Lando dropping by DWTS, but I'm holding out for Nick LaBrocca to "beat up the beat" on Jersey Shore.

*When I was single.


monk10 said...

How much ass is Alecko going to get just for being considered by Kim Kardashian on national tv

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Host Pay Per Head said...

I bet that it was quite funny but he is going out with so hot girl that half of the world want to go out with her.